Why You Should Let Me Maintain Your New WordPress Website

After hearing about a few clients’ post-launch challenges and concerns, I’ve begun offering my clients the option of buying website maintenance contracts. Although your new WordPress website is live, it’s very important to look after your site, making sure is regularly updated and secure.

What Is Website Maintenance?

A perfect analogy for this is checking your vehicle for leakage and harm regularly and making sure it performs well. The same goes for websites. The WordPress website maintenance service is the method of testing to see if your website is working properly and that your existing plugins and themes are updated regularly and secured, promoting traffic growth, and satisfying Google. Having an outdated website could cause several critical issues and disadvantages for your WordPress website.

What happens if you let your website become outdated?

For a variety of reasons, often website owners tend to postpone installing updates to their WordPress website. Some may feel that updates are released too often or are afraid that the latest plugins updates could cause issues with their website. However, failing to update the website will lead to a slew of problems!

  • Lower Search Engine Ranking

The longer your site remains online without having any website design upgrades or content improvements, the lower it will fall in Google’s search ranking results. Also, recent Google updates have resulted in the full removal of several outdated websites from search results. 

  • It Becomes a Prime Target for Hackers

If your site has not seen any form of website maintenance for more than a few months, you can be almost certain that it will become a hacking target. Many hackers tend to target sites that have outdated security features because they are far easier to penetrate than those which are updated regularly. Popular platforms such as WordPress periodically release security-related updates and patches that have been designed to safeguard against all but the most malicious hacking attempts. Keeping your WordPress core, theme, and plugins updated will help ensure that your site stays as safe as possible.

  • You Risk Losing Sales and Clients

Nothing is more frustrating for a potential customer than arriving at your website and clicking on links that no longer exist. This is especially true when it comes to company contact information, as clients feel more at ease knowing that there is current information available if they want to make a purchase or have an issue that needs to be resolved.

In many cases, broken links will result in them leaving your site and probably never return, which will result in a loss of site traffic, customers as well as sales.

Your Website Should Be Monitored

Once our website is live, it’s a good idea to keep track of any downtime (meaning that the site can’t be accessed), as this can be very inconvenient for both, your users and your business. I scan every website on my WordPress maintenance list every 2 minutes to check if it’s online and if ever goes down for any reason I’m immediately notified so I can start trying to resolve the issue, fix it, and get your site back online.

Your Website Should Be Backed Up Daily

Another benefit of my maintenance contract is that your website files and database are backed up offsite securely and regularly, so that content can be quickly restored in the event of a website failure.​

You’ve got a shiny website, which is awesome! But don’t walk away just yet!

I believe in after-sales treatment, which is why I’m not only maintaining my client’s websites but also my relationships with them, and every customer who has a maintenance contract with me gets a guaranteed day’s worth of my time every month for all the small things they don’t have time for.

You Should Let Me Maintain Your WordPress Website

Some of the features and services included in my WordPress website maintenance package:

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Themes and Plugins Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud Backups
  • Service Reports
  • Virus Scan
  • Spam Checking
  • Broken Links Checking

The above are just a few of the reasons why you should take out a maintenance contract on your WordPress website with me. If you’d like to know more or would like an estimate for maintaining your WordPress website please get in touch!


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